Sun Joe SPX3000 Review | Powerful Performance for Pressure Washing

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When looking for just about any product, it makes perfect sense to check out one of the best sellers. Whit is why we’re not surprised that you’ve found your way to this Sun Joe SPX3000 review since this product is a popular pick by lots of practical homeowners looking for the best pressure washer. So you want to learn more about this power washer, stick around and read all the way to the end.

Let’s be real: the reason people are after power washers is the fact that they simplify some of the toughest, dirtiest, and most labor-intensive chores. They’re designed to let you skip having to scrub down surfaces so they should be way easier to use and operate. This makes the Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Bundle with 25 Foot Outdoor Extension Cord is a good choice because it’s designed for fuss-free operations.

But what sets the SPX3000 apart from the competition? With so many other options out there, why should you choose this one? To help explain why it’s the choice of many households, we’ve rounded up its great offerings below. 

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If there’s one thing that convinced a lot of SPX3000 owners to get this product, it would be its great power. With its 2030 psi pressure rating, it has definitely surpassed most electric pressure washers in the market today.

In fact, its ratings are already comparable to some entry-level medium-duty gas-powered power washers as they’re often found in the 2000 to 2800 psi range. Because of this, you can be guaranteed that it can handle more challenging cleaning tasks and can even be more efficient than most electric power washers.

Easy to Use

As mentioned above, most people opt to invest in a power washer so they don’t need to break their backs scrubbing surfaces clean. Because of this, it’s highly necessary for such machines to be very easy to use.

The Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 psi certainly fits the bill because it’s very simple to operate. Switching it on is a matter of turning a knob dial and engaging a trigger so you don’t really have to go through a lot of complications to start cleaning.

Its portable design also makes it very easy to move around. Since this power tool is primarily used outdoors for the ground, roof, or door exteriors, moving it from one point to another comes with its hob description so this design makes it easier to utilize.

If you want to be absolutely sure that it’s easy to work with, though, you can always make use of the Sun Joe pressure washer manual that comes with the package. It’s highly informational and discusses everything you need to know about the product, so make sure to read it before giving your unit a go.

Great Range of Features

Further proving that this SunJoe pressure washer is worth looking into is its great range of features. It comes with quite a lot of amazing offers that makes this product easier and more convenient to use.

What are the characteristics that might convince you to give it a shot? Here are the top examples:

A 34” extension wand

Most power washers come with a pressure gun extension wand so this isn’t exactly one of the most groundbreaking Sun Joe SPX3000 accessories. However, the fact that it’s 34” long is definitely worth noting.

Lots of other pressure washers have shorter extension wands so they don’t offer as far of a reach as this product. As a result, this product can promise better performance and ease of use. As it can reach further areas without you having to exert a lot of effort, it can certainly make power washing easier for you.

5 snap on pressure washer nozzle tips included

Another great thing that this product can offer is its inclusion of 5 nozzle tips. These can further make sure that you’ll get the exact results you want from the use of your power washer, making these tips an excellent addition to this product.

What can you do with five different nozzle tips? We’ll discuss each piece in detail below:

these can further make sure that you’ll get the exact results you want from the use of your power washer, making these tips an excellent addition to this product
  • The orange 0º nozzle provides highly concentrated jet streams. This makes it perfect for removing tar, caked mud, and grease spots in small areas.

  • The yellow 15º nozzle is the most versatile and widely used nozzle tip size. It offers intense cleaning for hard surfaces as it can strip paint, rust, and different kinds of stains without a hitch.

  • The green 25º nozzle is more for effectively cleaning painted surfaces without damaging their finish.

  • The gray 40º nozzle covers the most area in a single pass but it also means that its jets are less pressurized than others. This makes it suitable for use on cars, boats, and patio furniture.

  • The black soap nozzle is meant to be used when you’re using detergent when power washing a surface. Some also use it when they only need to wash surfaces in low pressure, making it a highly reliable attachment.

2 onboard detergent tanks

Offering more convenience to its users are its two onboard detergent tanks. Lots of electric pressure washers in this price point only has one detergent tanks and some of them aren’t even on board so this is a great plus. With this configuration, you can completely customize the cleaning capacity of this power tool.

Each tank can hold up to .9L of liquid so it can promise a lot of use before you need to top it up again. They’re also nicely positioned and are removable so they’re very easy to refill and clean.

Onboard storage

Lots of Sun Joe pressure washer reviews also note of the design of this product. Its onboard storage, in particular, is often praised because it makes cleanups easier. With its help, you can easily stash away this machine in minutes.

Designed with Safety Features

With the power pressure washers have, it shouldn’t be surprising that it comes with a few risks. Most of the possible injuries that you can get from such machines are perfectly preventable, so their proper use should let you rest assured that these tools won’t hurt anyone in your household.

However, to further avoid any mishaps and accidents, the Sun Joe SPX300 Pressure Joe is also equipped with a few safety features. These two are the most notable:


With a ground fault circuit interrupter plug, this product is guaranteed to be safe to use in wet environments. This design basically shuts off electric power to prevent shocks. Since you’ll use water around the power source of pressure washers, this safety feature is an absolute must-have.

this design basically shuts off electric power to prevent shocks
TSS (Total Stop System)

The pressure gun of the SPX3000 is equipped with what the brand calls the Total Stop System which automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged. This makes it safer to use around other people as it won’t release high-powered jets when the user is not ready to start working.

Aside from safety, this feature is also said to help prolong the life of the motor of the pressure washer. Since it won’t run while you’re not washing anything, it can get some rest while you find a new position or if you get interrupted while cleaning.

Pressure Washer Showdown: The Sun Joe SPX3000 vs Competitor Products

Any discerning shopper will still want to weigh their options even after hearing great things about the Sun Joe SPX3000. So if you want to compare it with its rivals, here’s a quick side-by-side look against two of its most popular competitors:

The Greenworks 1500 psi Pressure Washer is a popular budget pick for home use. It’s not exactly the closest rival of the SPX3000 in terms of features but this product still makes a good case for itself. Why? It offers the most basic features, so if you don’t need much, this might already suffice for your needs.

With a 1500 psi, a 2-piece (25º and 40º) nozzle inclusion, and a soap tank and applicator, it can already cover the basic needs for power washing surfaces at home. It also comes with a very friendly price tag, so it can definitely be an attractive option for many.

As it has very limited features, however, you might really be better off with the SPX3000. Their prices aren’t too far off from each other anyway and you’ll get more than double the features. No matter how you think about it, our featured item can be a more worthwhile investment in terms of performance.

The Sun Joe SPX3001 Pressure Washer, on the other hand, is possibly the toughest rival of the SPX3000. It’s an upgraded version of our featured item so you can expect more from it.

However, if you’ll look closely at this product, you’ll see that there aren’t lots of major differences between the SPX3000 and SPX3001. In fact, the most notable difference they have is in the main body’s design. In comparison to the SPX3000’s hose holder, the SPX3001 has a rotating reel for easier and more convenient storage.

Performance-wise, some might actually prefer the SPX3000 because of its two detergent tanks. Sure, the SPX30001 has a detergent dial, but our featured item has a bigger capacity and more customizable setup so it might appeal better to some people.

With these, whichever of the two you choose, you can expect to get nearly the same performance.


Choosing a power washer can really be a tough task. We’re confident that our Sun Joe SPX3000 review is a helpful source of information about the matter, though, as it included the most vital information you need to know about the said item. We hope it helped shed light into the areas you’re not sure about and hopefully, it helps you make a good choice in purchasing the right product for your home.