Roomba 675 Review | 3-Stage Cleaning System and Dual Multi-Surface Brushes

If you need help cleaning your home, read our review

With how unpleasant cleaning can be, lots of people prefer to just spend money to make the chore easier to complete. This is where robot vacuum cleaners come in as they prove to be the most convenient options out there. However, they’re not cheap, so if you have your budget as your main consideration when taking a pick, you might want to read this Roomba 675 review all the way through and take a look at our best robot vacuum for hardwood floors reviews for more options. .

Cleaning the floors at home is arguably one of the most tedious chores there is. This is why there are tons of different tools available to get the job done. The iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum, however, proves to be one of the most attractive options available.

If you’re tired of pushing around a clunky vacuum cleaner or hurting your back from sweeping and mopping the floor, maybe it’s time to consider getting a robotic vacuum cleaner. They’ll literally do the dirty work for you while you’re only really required three things:

  • make sure that they’re docked on their home station;

  • program the cleaning schedule or press the clean button for manual cleaning; and

  • clean out the dirt storage regularly. can earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of its links.

Most folks find it a handy device to have around because of how it simplifies what many consider as a dreadful chore. The only caveat is that it can be quite pricey.

This is where the Roomba 675 comes in. Hailed by a lot of people as the best value iRobot cleaner, this product might just be the right pick for you. It can certainly help you clean your floors without breaking the bank.

Modern Convenience with a Friendly Price Tag

While the 675 isn’t the lowest-priced item in Roomba’s roster, it is still one of the best-valued picks out there. Why? Here are its features that make this product a steal:

Wi-Fi Connectivity

 this means that some of the basic models will still require you to press buttons on the unit itself to program their cleaning settings

Despite being a very modern brand, not all Roombas have wireless connections. All Roombas can go about and clean on their own but not all have remote control features. This means that some of the basic models will still require you to press buttons on the unit itself to program their cleaning settings.

The 675, however, isn’t one of the basic units. It comes with wireless connectivity so you can easily program when it should start working on your mobile phone. You can access controls to this very product on the iRobot Home App, allowing you to start cleaning at home even when you’re not there. It’s also compatible with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Like with other Roombas, you can program up to 7 cleaning schedules with the 675. The only difference is, you don’t have to press on a single button repeatedly to do so. The app is a lot more user-friendly and easy to navigate so it can also free you from the frustration of manual Roomba programming. Alexa and the Google Assistant are also very convenient to use since they’re controlled through voice commands.

Dirt Detect Sensors

The patented Dirt Detect Sensors of the Roomba is one of the great offerings of its high-end range. It guarantees that it will do a thorough job in the areas that are dirtier than the others to ensure the best results.

These sensors work by detecting the dirt levels in every area they pass through. If they’ve sensed that the area has a higher volume of dirt, the unit will do more passes to eliminate all of the dirt and debris there.

Cliff Detect Sensors

Back in the day, you had to be wise in placing the wall barriers to limit the area of movement of your Roomba. With the 675, however, you don’t need to fret about this anymore. With this technology, your robotic cleaner is made smarter and capable of keeping itself away from harm.

The Cliff Detect Sensors will prevent it from moving too close to edges, stairs, and drop-offs which can then keep it from falling from a significant height.

Low Height

The 3.6” height is fairly common among the latest models of Roomba but it’s definitely a breakthrough when it comes to vacuum cleaners in general. In fact, this can be the very reason why more and more people are swapping out their upright vacuum cleaners to robotic ones.

Their low height makes them capable of fitting in low-clearance spaces without a hitch. With this, you can clean more floor spaces without doing any heavy lifting.

Tried and Tested Design and Capabilities

Aside from its impressively convenient features, this is still a classic Roomba vacuum robot in terms of top-notch performance. So if you’re worried about trading off the things you want in an iRobot vacuum, you don’t have to fret. The 675 will still bring in the things people love in a Roomba like the following:

its engineering allows it to be a powerful cleaning device that can handle any dirt or debris on your floors

Patented 3-Stage Cleaning System and Dual Multi-Surface Brushes

Like the others in the Roomba range, the 675 also promises top-notch performance with its patented 3-stage Cleaning System and Dual Multi-Surface Brushes. Its engineering allows it to be a powerful cleaning device that can handle any dirt or debris on your floors.

While this product is not a part of the Roomba pet series, it still does a great job in cleaning pet hair and food debris.

So, in terms of performance, you can certainly count on it to do a good job.

Edge-Sweeping Brush

Providing more efficiency is the Edge-Sweeping Brush component of the Roomba.

This will let you clean the walls as well while your unit covers all of the areas it’s supposed to clean. As a plus, these help keep your Roomba in a safe distance from your walls so both of them won’t get dinged or scratched.

Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head

This feature lets all Roombas clean every kind of flooring material. The 675 is not just a Roomba for carpeted floors but it’s also a Roomba for wood floors, parquet, tiles, and other kinds of hard floors.

Auto Pilot

Like other Roombas, this product also autopilots to its home station after 90 minutes of running. This ensures that you don’t really have to bother about looking for your unit and putting it back to its dock after it cleans your floors.

The Battle of the Bots: The Roomba 675 vs Its Competitors

Want to avoid any buyer’s remorse and all the what-ifs? Let us also tell you about your other options and how the Roomba 675 holds up against them.

The iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum is one of the brand’s top sellers and has been repeatedly hailed as the best robot vacuum by experts and buyers alike. So if there’s one product from the same brand that will most likely make you feel confused about, it would be this one.

Why? Because it shares a lot of things in common with the 675. Here’s a quick list of the features they share:

  • Overall design

  • Connectivity options

  • Manual controls

  • General dimensions

  • Run time

These suggest that the 675 and 690 are nearly identical so it’s understandable to find yourself torn between the two.

The major differences, however, can help you make a definitive decision. Their prices, for one, are different. The 690 is more expensive so some folks might already feel partial towards the 675 with that.

This is justified, however, by the upgrade the 690 has. It comes with the Virtual Wall Barriers which can come in handy if you want to physically restrict the areas your Roomba can get to. These make area cleaning a lot easier to do, so lots of people prefer to have them on hand.

Which Roomba should I buy, you ask? It really depends on your budget and preferences. Both the 675 and 690 have great offers that it’s perfectly reasonable to find yourself torn between them.

But at the end of the day, it all boils down to what you blieve is the better match for you.

If you’re not one of those folks who are obsessed with having a ‘pet Roomba’, you might find yourself interested with the Samsung Powerbot R7070 Robot Vacuum.

This product is a powerful robotic cleaner so it can also be a great choice for a lot of households.

If you liked the 675’s connectivity, powerful suction, corner and edge cleaning capabilities, cliff sensor, automatic detangling, and multi-surface cleaning, you’ll also like the Powerbot R7070.

However, it also has other offers that the Roomba 675 or 690 doesn’t have, so it might also be worth checking out.

What are these other offers? Here are the most notable ones:

  • 3 Suction Control modes (Quiet, Normal, and Max)

  • 3 Cleaning modes (Spot, Auto, and Manual)

  • 2 Scheduling modes (Daily, and One-Time)

  • Washable filter

  • Visionary Mapping™ Plus technology

The only downside: it’s way more expensive than the other two. So if you’re on a tight budget and can already make do with the basic features, you might still be better off with the Roomba 675.


With today’s technology, why should you subject yourself to the tiresome task of cleaning your floors? We’re confident that this Roomba 675 review made a great case as to why you should consider this product even if you don’t have the largest budget for a robot vacuum cleaner. This budget-friendly option with glowing Roomba reviews in pet hair cleaning can certainly be what you need to be free of the said chore once and for all.