How to Get Soda Out of Carpet | Step By Step Instructions

if you ever had a problem with spilling soda, read our review how you can remove it stains

Of all the toughest things to remove from carpets, bright bubbly soda has to be the hardest. This is because soda is very sweet and tends to harden over time.

If you don't remove soda right away, you might end up making the spill worse. Sticky soda will attract dirt, hair, animal fur and dust creating one ugly mess. If you own a carpet, it would be a good idea to learn how to get soda stains out of a carpet and how to get dried soda stains out of the carpet as well.  

How to get soda out of carpet?

Soda is made up of sugars, carbonated water, and food colors. When you spill red or orange soda on light colored carpets, it can stain your carpet into a darker color and ruin it. Therefore, any soda spill should be removed right away.

So if you’re searching for how to get red soda out of carpet or how to get orange soda out of carpet then these tips will surely help you out.

whether you spilled red or orange soda, take a piece of blotting paper or tissue paper and blot the liquid up

Removing carpet soda stains step by step

  1. Blot out the spill ASAP

Whether you spilled red or orange soda, take a piece of blotting paper or tissue paper and blot the liquid up. Use as many sheets of paper as you can.

  1. Create a vinegar/warm water/liquid soap mixture

After blotting out most of the soda, you will still notice some of it still on the carpet because of a slight stain. Remove this with a soapy-vinegar mixture.

Combine a cup of warm water, a tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap and a tablespoon of white vinegar in a spray bottle.

  1. Apply the mixture on the carpet

Spray the soapy-vinegar mixture directly on the soda stain or use a soft clean white cloth or sponge to apply the mixture. After applying the mixture, scrub it lightly with the cloth or sponge.

Blot the liquid with a clean, dry white cloth. Apply the mixture on the carpet once more, scrub lightly and then blot dry. Repeat until the soda stain has completely disappeared.

  1. Rinse with cold water

Use a new sponge to rinse your carpet.  Remove water by using blotting paper or tissues to blot it out.  

  1. Repeat if the stain persists

Repeat all the steps to remove any remaining stain.

  1. Dry your carpet  

Use a blow dryer and a soft brush to completely dry your carpet. Place the blow dryer in the lowest setting and use the brush to gently sweep the carpet hairs.

Removing soda using carpet cleaning products

you'll find carpet stain removers, stain removal sprays, stain and odor eliminators, and carpet shampoos

A number of carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal products are available in the market. You'll find carpet stain removers, stain removal sprays, stain and odor eliminators, and carpet shampoos.  

Look for a carpet cleaning product that will work with soda stains. To use any of these products, follow these steps:

  1. Check the instructions on the label

ALWAYS read the instructions on the label. Call customer service if you are unsure about the instructions.  

  1. Test the product out

Apply the carpet stain removal on an inconspicuous area of your carpet just to be safe. It could be the area under the couch or at the back of a cabinet. Once you are certain that the carpet stain removal product is okay, you may now apply this on the stain.

  1. Apply the carpet stain product

Use a soft, dry, white cloth or a sponge to apply the product. Gently scrub or apply pressure on the stain. Use blotting paper or tissues to remove the product once you are done.

If you need to rinse the product, use clean water and a sponge to rinse. Use more blotting or tissue paper to remove water.

  1. Dry  your carpet completely

Use a blow dryer to dry the carpet fibers completely. Use a soft brush like an old toothbrush to gently move the fibers to dry.

How to get stains out of the carpet with baking soda

One of the most popular natural carpet stain removal product is baking soda. This natural cleaning product is known to remove greasy and non-greasy stains, smelly pet odors and will also freshen carpet fabric. It can even remove tough old soda stains.

Baking soda is available in most supermarkets. It is cheap and will never harm your pets.  

Step by step guide on how to use baking soda

use a vacuum cleaner to completely remove the baking soda bits
  1. Use blotting paper to remove remaining soda and to pick up hair, dirt, and oils.

  2. Place baking soda generously on top of the stain. Let this stay on the stain overnight.

  3. Use a vacuum cleaner to completely remove the baking soda bits. Use a carpet attachment as much as possible.

  4. If the old soda stain remains on the carpet, apply a water-dish soap-baking soda mixture. Use a sponge or a clean white cloth to apply the mixture. Gently scrub it and rinse.

  5. Dry the area with a hairdryer. Inspect it for any remaining stain.

  6. For good measure, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the stain. This will remove smells and will also deodorize your carpet.

How to get soda stains out of the carpet for tough & dry stains

If you are trying to get rid of very dry, stubborn soda stains, baking soda is still the answer but this time, use a baking soda paste, not just baking soda powder.

  1. Make a paste using equal amounts of baking soda and warm water.

  2. Apply the paste on the dried old soda stain. Apply them on the dried soda stain and do it with a bit of pressure using the brush.

  3. Rinse the baking soda and water mixture with water and sponge. Blot out the excess with blotting paper or tissue. Repeat if necessary.

  4. Use a hair dryer to dry your wet carpet completely before placing your furniture back.