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Pool cleaning and maintenance.

What Size Pool Heater Do I Need? | Learn Everything About the Right Sizing for Optimal Heating

“What size pool heater do I need?” may not sound like a necessary question to ask when purchasing the various essential pool equipment. But what’s worse than an ice cold pool? An ice cold pool from an ineffective heater. There are many possible reasons why your pool heater is failing to adequately heat your pool. […]

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What Chemicals Do I Need for My Pool? | Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Water Clean & Healthy

One of the most important questions any pool owner must ask is What chemicals do I need for my pool? In order to keep your pool fresh, clean, and safe for swimming, you’ll definitely need to learn a bit about pool chemistry. The more diligent you are about learning the proper chemical balance of your pool, the […]

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Guide to Electronic Pool Tester Use | Keep Your Water Clean & Safe

If you have a swimming pool at your home, you surely already know the importance of having an effective system for testing your pool’s water quality. If you don’t test your water regularly (more about testing frequency below), you risk contamination with undesirable substances, general uncleanliness, and unsafe swimming conditions. While many pool owners use […]

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