Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Review | Deep & Thorough Carpet Cleaning

if you have wall to wall carpeting at home and animal insie, read our review about carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a very sensitive topic as there are so many factors involved in the process. Many argue about how often you should do it safely but nearly everyone agrees that regular vacuuming and deep cleaning are imperative no matter what. To do so, it’s necessary to use the best tool for the job. For this, reading this Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution review might help you out.

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The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Deep Cleaner Review

If you’ve decided on having wall to wall carpeting at home, it must be because you prefer comfort more than anything else. It also comes with a lot of responsibilities, especially if you have some furry friends around. The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Deep Cleaner Pet Pro Full-Size Carpet Cleaner may be the best carpet cleaner for your needs.

As its name suggests, our featured item is more than just your regular vacuum cleaner. It’s a carpet cleaner that can help you maintain your flooring material in top shape with ease. Some tend to confuse it with vacuum cleaners because of its convenient use and relatively friendly price tag but don’t let those similarities fool you. This product can do so much more for your carpets than even the best vacuum cleaners today. can earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of its links.

Why, exactly, should households with pets and carpeted floors give this product a chance? Let us count the ways below.

It’s designed for thorough carpet cleaning.

While vacuuming your carpet daily is recommended, it’s not said to be enough to keep the said surface clean and safe. With all of the dirt, microorganisms, and other gross stuff that can find their way to the depths of your carpet, it’s easy to see why deep cleaning is a must.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends thorough carpet cleaning (with steam) is necessary at least every three months. Carpet manufacturers go as far as requiring regular professional cleaning to keep their products’ warranty valid.

While the Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Pro might not necessarily help you skip the need for professional cleaning if you want to keep your carpet’s warranty, it can do an excellent job in deep cleaning your carpet. As it is specifically designed to suck in the nasty stuff from and steam clean carpets, you can count on it to do a better job than your vacuum cleaner, no matter how reliable it may be.

What sets it apart from your regular vacuum cleaner are the following features:

Dual DirtLifter Power Brushes Combined with Heatwave Technology

This is mostly the key feature that makes this product a carpet cleaner and not just a vacuum cleaner. It promises to lift and remove embedded dirt and stains from your carpet by brushing through the fibers nicely. With two of them onboard, the agitation is also doubled. This can help guarantee that this device will do a more thorough job in moving and lifting dirt from your carpet.

The Heatwave Technology boosts the functionality of the brush as it helps soften up the dirt, mud, and other debris that are ingrained in the fibers of the carpet. This makes it possible to deep clean your floors as it won’t just lift surface debris. It will also take care of the stuff that regular vacuum cleaners can’t get rid of.

CleanShot® Pretreater

Food spills, children, and pets can all create very tough stains on your carpet. They also need to be removed effectively. Otherwise, they’ll create a blemish on your carpet and bacteria can infest them.

With this feature, the Bissell Proheat 2x promises a healthy home alongside efficient results. As its name suggests, it pre-treats problem areas so you can get rid of tough stains without too much fuss.

Twin Water Tank System

Further promising efficiency is this product’s twin water tank system. With this design, you can be sure that clean and dirty steam water are separated. Fill one tank with clean water and the other should be the reservoir for the steam water sucked in after this carpet cleaner works its magic on your floors.

Express Clean Mode

Tired of having to wait too long to dry your freshly steamed carpeted floors? With the Express Clean Mode, you don’t have to risk your floors getting dirtier when used while they’re not yet done drying up. This feature of the Proheat 2x Revolution guarantees that your floors will be ready to use once again an hour after you’ve steam cleaned it.

EZ Clean Brush Roll Cover
this is a removable part will help you keep your carpet cleaner hygienic and in top conditio

This is a removable part will help you keep your carpet cleaner hygienic and in top condition. By being able to remove and wash the brush roll cover, you can be sure that the nasty stuff is removed from your device.

 Doing this will help prevent you from breeding and spreading them on later uses.

Be careful with this component, however. The Bissell Proheat 2x replacement parts page doesn’t have it listed, so it’s best to avoid doing anything that can damage it and require its replacement.

It’s easy to use.

As mentioned above, its ease of use is one of the reasons why the Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Pro Full-size Carpet Cleaner is often mistaken for a vacuum cleaner. It’s certainly very easy to operate so it can certainly simplify regular deep cleaning sessions of your carpet.

How to use Bissell Proheat? Here are the basic steps to help you get started in its use:

  1. Read the Bissell Proheat 2x instructions and product manual. Before doing anything with the unit you got, it’s crucial that you read the manual first to make sure that you’ll get to use it properly.

  2. Assemble the unit accordingly. Follow the indicated steps on the manual.

  3. Prepare the unit. Fill the water tank with water and add some treatment solution.

  4. Plug it in.

  5. Select the setting you want to use for your cleaning session. There are three modes available (Max Clean, Express Clean, and Deep Clean) so set the switch to your chosen one.

  6. Press the red power button located on the side of the main body of the unit.

  7. Start cleaning.

If you want to use the CleanShot Pretreater, here are the steps:

  1. Position the device, particularly the pre-treater spout in front of the stained area.

  2. Press the CleanShot Pretreater button found at the back area on top of the brush heads using your foot.

  3. Hold the device in place until you’re satisfied with the amount of solution dispersed.

  4. Press the switch again to turn off the spray.

  5. Run the carpet cleaner on the stained area completely. It should do the trick in removing the stain easily.

It offers excellent extras.

it also has a few more additional offers

Aside from the Bissell Proheat carpet cleaner’s features, it also has a few more additional offers. These extras further boost the performance of the device so they really tend to come in handy:

2-in-1 Pet Upholstery Tool

Boosting the functionality of this product is its removable 2-in-1 pet upholstery tool. You just need to attach it to the main unit and you can already steam clean fabric covered furniture including your mattress.

You can also use all three cleaning modes with this add-on tool, helping you customize the level of cleaning you’ll get.

As upholstery steam cleaners can get very pricey, this product offers more value for your money.

Effective treatment products

To further enhance its cleaning ability, you can also opt to get the treatment solutions that are specifically made for this device. You can get the following to use with this Bissell product:

  • Professional Pet Urine Eliminator + Oxy Formula and Pet Stain

  • Odor + Antibacterial Carpet Formula

  • Deep Clean Formula Kit for Upright Carpet Cleaning

  • Febreze® Pet Odor Eliminating Carpet Cleaning Pack

  • Stain Protection Upright Deep Cleaning Bundle

  • Scotchgard Carpet Protection

This product has pets in mind.

With every purchase of the Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Pro, Bissell donates $10 to the Bissell Pet Foundation. This means that by patronizing this product, you can also help another fur baby in need so it’s a win for all.

Unfortunately, however, it’s not as quiet as your very own brood will want it to be. So if you have pets that get spooked with loud noises, you might need to do something to help them get used to this carpet cleaner.

Weighing Your Options: The Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Pro vs. Competitor Products

To help you cover more bases as you search for the best home-use carpet cleaner, below are our takes on two other popular picks. We’ll also compare them with our featured item to help you weigh your options better.

From a brand that is best known for reliability and customer satisfaction, it shouldn’t be surprising that the Shark Navigator Lift-Away is also a popular pick by many today. This vacuum cleaner is meant for use on carpets and other flooring materials so it’s pretty versatile. 

While it doesn’t have a steam cleaning function, it has a HEPA filter. This makes it the perfect choice for households that need to be free of allergens. By trapping the small matter that can irritate allergy sufferers within its system, it can help make your home safer to live in.

Its key feature, however, as its name suggests, is its lift-away design. While it looks like an upright vacuum cleaner, you can easily transform into something that you can carry with you. Its canister can be removed from the base so you can more easily lug it around while you clean hard to reach areas in your home.

With this design, it offers flexibility that not a lot of other popular vacuum cleaners can offer. This makes it double as a portable unit, giving you better value for your money.

In terms of performance, this product offers stellar results. Many experts agree and various tests proved this. You can even find some folks giving it near-perfect scores for its cleaning ability.

The only thing that might sway some folks away from this product is the fact that it doesn’t have a steam cleaning function. This is where our Bissell pick has a leg up in this rivalry.

Some Bissell Proheat Pet reviews also mention the Hoover SteamVac Plus Carpet Cleaner so it’s worth looking into if you’re after the best device of their kind. Compared to the Shark Navigator Lift-Away, this product shares more things in common with our featured item. So if you want an alternative option with more similar features, this can be a solid choice.

In general terms, both items can deep clean, steam clean, and quickly dry the freshly steamed carpet. Both also have similar designs - from being upright carpet cleaners to their dual tank configurations. These are some of the reasons why lots of people find themselves torn between these Bissell and Hoover products. They also have special functions that can help dispense additional treatment to the carpet which helps clean the flooring material more effectively.

What sets them apart, however, is Hoover SteamVac Plus’ versatility. You can set this product in Tool Mode which will allow you to clean hard floors without the fear of damaging them.

The designs of their brushes are also notably different so you can expect different performances from these cleaning appliances. This product promises to handle hard to reach areas effectively and gentle brushing to keep your carpet in top shape with its patented SpinScrub® Brush Technology. This further aids it in effectively cleaning different kinds of surfaces. 

Despite its promising features, however, a lot of people still prefer the Bissell Carpet Cleaner Proheat 2x because of its effective stain-removing capability. So if your pets and other household members often create messes that are damaging to your carpet, our featured item can still be a better match for you.


Maintaining carpeted flooring may seem daunting but once you get the right device to help you out, it shouldn’t be that intimidating anymore. We hope we were able to showcase the many useful offerings of our featured item in this Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution review. It’s certainly one of the best value picks available today, so make sure to check it out.