Bissell Crosswave Review | Versatile & Modern Cleaner With a Great Power Suction

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Cleaning the floors have always been some of the most dreadful chores out there. It can even get more complicated in some households because certain lifestyles definitely require both mopping and vacuuming the floors. If you’re tired of breaking your back doing both, this Bissell Crosswave review is for you.

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Review

The floors in your house may not necessarily be the dirtiest parts of your humble abode but it’s no secret that they can get gross. The fact that you track in dirt and a lot of nasty stuff from the outside makes it highly necessary that you clean them thoroughly on the regular.

In fact, experts recommend that you sweep the floors daily, vacuum rugs and carpets at least twice a week, and wash, wet mop, or steam them every couple of weeks. These figures should be done more frequently for kitchen floors and heavy-traffic areas.

As this chore isn’t easy to do, it would be nice to find an efficient way to go about it. We suggest that you start by reading our best carpet cleaner reviews. You may opt for a quality hardwood floor robotic cleaner or, if you have dogs or cats in the home, a robot vacuum that removes pet hair efficiently. can earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of its links.

Mopping and vacuuming separately might be effective but it’s also tiring and time-consuming. So if there’s a device that can help you do both at the same time, would you go for it?

If your answer is yes, then the BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro Vacuum Cleaner is something you should get to know better. This product is dubbed as a hybrid of a mopper and vacuum cleaner, so it can offer thorough cleaning for your floors.

This model is actually an upgrade of the older Bissell Crosswave, making it a more attractive option for many households. Unlike its predecessor, this one is made to answer the needs of homes with pets. This makes its promise better performance.

But you’re not here to read about its features, so let’s cut to the chase and get to the information you’re looking for in the Bissell Crosswave reviews you clicked on.


As mentioned above, this product is a hybrid of a mop and a vacuum cleaner. This alone already makes it versatile enough for many households as it can offer a different cleaning method for your floors.

But this design also makes this product suitable for use on various flooring materials, making it even more versatile. With this engineering, you can use this product in different areas of your home if you have different flooring materials in various rooms. This also gives it more value as you can get more use out of this purchase.

Modern Design

Many would agree that the first thing that catches people’s attention when it comes to the Crosswave Pet Pro is its design. Unlike devices that come with a water tank, this product isn’t as clunky. It definitely looks like a modern vacuum cleaner which makes it even more attractive.

It should be noted, however, that this product is by no means small. It’s also not as streamlined as other modern vacuum cleaner models. But since it’s a hybrid, it’s still an impressive design. It was able to fit in all of the necessary components without a hitch.

‘Clever’ would be a nice way to describe its design, actually. Even with two tanks, its main body is not that bulky. It’s actually pretty streamlined so it’s easier on the eyes.

The Rinse and Clean Out Storage Tray that the units come with is also worth noting. It definitely adds a nice touch as it will let you clean your unit without too much fuss. With this accessory, you don’t need to manually clean the brush head of this cleaning appliance, making it simpler for you to clean your floors.

Thorough Cleaning

being a  bissell vacuum cleaner, you can count on this product to suck in dirt and debris without a hitch

As this device offers both form and function, it’s also important to note how well the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro performs. Many Bissell Crosswave Professional reviews will tell you that this range offers impressive output. You can even see it for yourself in hundreds of demo videos found online.

What makes it a great performer? You can count on these three features to do the dirty work for you:

Powerful Suction

Being a Bissell vacuum cleaner, you can count on this product to suck in dirt and debris without a hitch. As the brand is well known for its suction technology, you can certainly be sure that this product will fo a good job in taking in the stuff on your floor that’s not supposed to be there.

Pet Brushroll

What makes this product an effective and versatile multi-surface cleaner is its pet brush roll. While it is primarily meant to pick up pet hair, it can also be effective in loosening caked and crusted dirt and debris on surfaces.

With its help, you can safely and effectively clean area rugs and carpets. Combined with the cleaning liquid, it can easily dislodge stains and dried up spills on them.

Another excellent point about this part is that it’s designed to be tangle-free.

This means that even if the hairs are rather long, it won’t get caught and stuck on the brush. With this, you can be guaranteed that the large chunks of debris on your floor won’t cause the intake to get clogged.

Cleaning Solution Dispenser

Operated by an on-demand trigger, the cleaning solution dispenser of this product allows you to mop while vacuuming your floors. It’s very easy to use as you just need to pull the said control if you want to release some cleaning solution to your floors. You have the ultimate control on this function, letting you make the most of your unit’s functionality.

To make the most out of this function, it’s best to use the Bissell Crosswave cleaning solution. This product is specifically formulated to be used with this cleaning appliance, so you can count on it to give you better results.

Ease of Use

aside from letting you mop and vacuum your floors at the same time, it’s also very easy to operate

What really makes this product a winner in most people’s books is the fact that it’s very easy to use. Aside from letting you mop and vacuum your floors at the same time, it’s also very easy to operate. While you will still need to read the Bissell Crosswave manual before it’s initial use, you won’t have a hard time figuring this unit out.

To operate this product, you just really need to press a few buttons and that’s it. With its size, it’s also very easy to maneuver. This further guarantees that you won’t struggle when cleaning the floors with this device.

Cleanups are also easy with this vacuum cleaner. Vacuums made for pets aren’t exactly the most exciting things to clean but at least this unit tried to make the process less icky for you.

The available Bissell Crosswave parts and accessories also make this product easier to work with. With the help of the Rinse and Clean Out Storage Tray, you don’t have to manually rinse and wash the Brushroll after use. This accessory is designed for cleaning sessions so you don’t even have to handle the brush roll until it has been washed.

You also don’t need to worry about having to deal with different containers for the dirt the unit sucked in because it only has one container for them. This makes disposal a lot simpler as you just really need to handle one dirty container in the process. As it comes with a pet hair filter that can help you separate the solid debris from the dirty water, cleanups are made less fussy.

The potent Bissell Carpet Cleaner Solution also helps make this product easier to use. As it’s very effective in removing dirt and grime on surfaces, it can certainly help make cleanups a breeze.

Hybrid vs Dedicated Cleaners: The Bissell Crosswave vs Competitor Products

With the Bissell Crosswave vs Symphony and Bissell Crosswave vs Hoover Floormate discussed by others before, let us provide other options for you if you want to make sure that the Bissell Pet Pro is the right pick for your home.

Since the Shark Navigator Lift Away is one of the top picks when it comes to vacuum cleaners, it makes perfect sense that some folks find themselves torn between this product and our featured item.

 Some just find it hard to choose between going all-out with a vacuum cleaner or compromising performance by opting for convenience.

To be honest, the answer here is all up to you. In terms of suction power, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away offers stellar results.

 It’s also versatile and convenient to have since it transforms into a handheld vacuum. And with the brand’s outstanding reputation, this product can really be a solid choice.

If you have carpeted floors, you might find yourself leaning towards the Hoover SteamVac Plus Carpet Cleaner instead.

This hulk of an appliance may seem intimidating but it is definitely a good option for those with wall to wall carpeting.

So unless you want a more versatile floor cleaner, this product can still be a suitable pick for you.


If your convenience is the main reason you’re in the market for a new floor cleaner, then a hybrid tool is definitely a good choice for you. We hope this Bissell Crosswave review helps you make up your mind in which product to use so you can more effectively and easily maintain and clean your floors.