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Do you know that many people consider the word "bidet" hilarious? The word is French for a pony and in Old French, "to trot." So, would it be safe to say that to use a bidet is like riding on a pony?  If you are renovating your bathroom soon and you are looking for the best bidet in the market, we will be glad to help you with the best models that you can comfortably "ride." Here is a review of the most popular bidet toilet seat models, bidet sprayer and toilet bidet combo.

Editor's Rating: 4.4/5

  • Dual nozzle
  • Seat-Smart feature
  • Eco-friendly

Editor's Rating: 4.2/5

  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to install
  • Fully automated

Editor's Rating: 4.7/5

  • Traditional design
  • Mirror-like finish
  • Easy to use controls

What to look for when shopping for the best bidet?

What makes the best bidet? Not all people have a bidet at home but if you were to upgrade your toilet seat and get one, you must consider the following factors:

Manual vs. electronic bidets

Just when you thought that bidets are very simple and easy to install, there are now new electronic bidets capable of washing your backside but at the same time has a host of other things that it can do.

Regular bidets or manual models simply spray a jet of water and nothing more. Electronic bidets can adjust water pressure and temperature and are equipped with unique features like nozzle positions, cleansing positions and so on.

Manual bidets are very simple to control, easy to install and are cheaper compared to electronic bidets.  Electric models should be connected to a power source to operate while manual bidets only need a water line from the wall to the bidet. You still need to regularly clean both bidet types with best toilet bowl cleaner available.

Adjustable water temperature

No one wants to sit on a cold toilet much more to use a cold bidet! This is why some updated models come with temperature adjustments controls. This is an efficient feature but that you might only find in electronic models.

In some electronic bidets, you may even find precise temperature control systems. With the push of a button, you can accurately adjust the water temperature and end your cold mornings for good.

Adjustable water pressure

Another feature you may be happy to use is adjustable water pressure. Sometimes you just need a strong blast of water to remove that sticky substance that seems to be stuck big time! And of course, sometimes you just need a gentle stream of water instead of a burst. You can have these when you have a bidet with adjustable water pressure.

A good feature that you might consider is the bidet sprayer which is similar to a handheld showerhead. This is not an electric toilet and the sprayer is not part of the seat at all.

This type of bidet is installed using special hardware attached to the toilet bowl flush system. And similar to a handheld shower, this has a flexible retractable hose so you can hold the spray and target hard to reach areas.

Feminine wash feature

Some updated bidets come with an efficient feature called a feminine wash. This is simply a bidet nozzle position that helps women keep clean, intimately. This is activated using an electronic control panel attached to the toilet seat.

You might find this a very good feature but might just be a luxury for some. Bidets that have this feature are usually more expensive than traditional models, therefore, you need to pay more.

Other great features

Still, there are other updated bidets with unique features that you might find interesting. Some of these features are a heated seat, air dry, nozzle position, spray width, oscillating cleanse, water pulse cleanse, self-cleaning nozzles, enema wash, air deodorizers and so much more

The best bidet attachment and bidet/seat review 

Bidets have come a long way when it comes to design and function. When you speak of a bidet these days, you’ll get regular bidet attachments or an electronic bidet seat.

If you want an old-fashioned straightforward bidet then you’ll find a bidet attachment a good idea while an electronic bidet/seat is a modern twist.

Modern bidet seats are completely adjustable, very user-friendly and are easy to install. Usually updated, modern homes prefer electronic bidets but for a simple easy to use a bidet for the whole family then a traditional type is for you. Find the best bidet that’s perfect for you and your family from our top 8 choices.

The electronic bidet made for round and elongated toilets with the most updated features is the Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat. This is a breeze to install and also very easy and comfortable to use. Once set, you will be able to find it very cozy and natural to use day by day.

Dual nozzle features

The Bio Bidet Ultimate has a dual nozzle that’s versatile, made for the entire family. You can use this for posterior wash and a feminine wash plus is also child-friendly and will improve overall personal hygiene.

You will be amazed by its smart features like the Seat-Smart Decision, a feature that lets you enjoy your time spent on the Bio Bidet Ultimate. It can warm your seat and water so you won't feel cold during freezing mornings. It also features a slowly closing lid; you can use the toilet and close the lid without waking everybody up.

Save water and energy

It comes with the Energy Save Mode, a feature that lets you reduce electricity as well as toilet paper. You can now rest easy that every time you use this bidet, you are also doing something good for the environment.

Compared with other Bio Bidet models, the Ultimate has an oscillating stream that offers better and wider cleaning. It also has a pulsating massage technology plus bubble infusion which can help you get rid of sticky and icky messes.

Challenging controls

One thing that's a challenge for users is understanding this electronic bidet's controls. It may take a while to learn how to activate all the features using the controls but no doubt that afterward, you will be able to use this like a pro.

Finally, this toilet seat comes with a 2-year limited warranty on parts and service. This will give you more value for your money.

Anyone who wants an electronic toilet seat and bidet needs to understand the seat's controls. This may be a challenge for seniors and young children so be patient when teaching the many different toilet controls.  

Editor's Rating


Things We Liked

  • Dual nozzle
  • Seat-Smart feature
  • Eco-friendly
  • 2-year warranty on parts & labor

Things We Didn't Like

  • Hard to understand controls for some

There are many reasons why you must consider the Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat as the best bidet for home use. According to users, it is one of the most impressive bidets with cool features. 

Easy to install

Bio Bidet is a bidet seat that is easy to install. It matches all kinds of elongated toilet seats so all you need to do is to connect this to your toilet’s water line, connect to a power outlet and sit back. You don’t even have to call a contractor to do it! Aside from an elongated toilet easy assembly, the Bio Bidet is also available for round toilets.

Self-cleaning nozzle

The most efficient feature of this bidet is its stainless steel nozzle. This is a self-cleaning nozzle which is easy to clean and maintain. You can guarantee that this will last for a long time.

Warms your seat

The Slim Smart bidet also comes with impressive Fusion Warm Water Technology, this feature will warm your seat so it’s ready when you are finally ready to sit. It will take only a few seconds to do so with its active ceramic heating coil. This will improve the duration of your warm water supply as well. This impressive feature is not available in most electronic and traditional bidets in the market.

See even in the dark

It also comes with a night light so you can’t miss your mark during night time. The lovely blue light will fill the interior walls of your toilet and this will never be hard to miss.

Versatile seat

The seat is completely adjustable. It is cozy and is an upgrade that your bathroom deserves. And best of all, this is easy to operate. A special video about operating this electronic bidet is available along with instructions.

Challenging controls

Possibly the most challenging part is learning the controls of the bidet. Just like any electronic bidet, you need to master these controls well. And once you are able to do so, it will surely be a breeze to operate.

The controls are too small and may not be good for people that have vision problems and also for senior folks. Also if this electronic control panel breaks, you will never be able to control the bidet and seat manually. To take the bidet toilet seat for repairs, you need to uninstall this from your toilet which is a lot of hassle for any user.   

Editor's Rating


Things We Liked

  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to install
  • Fully automated
  • With seat warmer and light

Things We Didn't Like

  • Small controls for some

Let's return to basics with the TOTO BT500B Piedmont Bidet. This is a traditional bidet designed to provide the best cleaning performance whether its number 1 or number 2. This bidet has a contemporary yet sleek design can be the perfect addition to any modern or contemporary bathroom style.

Reach hard-to-reach areas

This bidet comes with a flushing rim plus a vertical spray to let you reach hard to reach dirt. You may also use a deck-mounted faucet to replace its hardware and this is sold separately.

Keeps bidet clean

The bidet has the SanaGloss technology that keeps your bidet clean and ready for the next user. The SanaGloss technology also provides your bidet with a shiny coat that will last for a long time. You don’t even have to spend hours removing toilet rings and stuck dirt. Your bidet will look like the first time you took it home from the hardware.

Chrome-plated hardware

The hardware is chrome-plated so these will not retain any smell, spills, and dirt when used. This also means that it is easier to clean this type of plumbing hardware compared to other materials.

More features

The TOTO BT500B Piedmont Bidet is made from vitreous china and is available in a variety of finishes namely cotton, colonial white, bone, and Sedona beige. It comes with a five-year limited warranty, a good value for your purchase.

Editor's Rating


Things We Liked

  • Traditional design
  • Mirror-like finish
  • Easy to use controls
  • Five-year warranty

Things We Didn't Like

  • No temperature controls

When you need more than a bidet then you should get a Smart Bidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat. This is a sensitive bidet and toilet seat that comes with a remote control so you can efficiently place your bidet to the setting you need.

It comes with multi-wash functions making it effective for every member of the family.

Different bidet settings

You’ll get to use settings such as posterior washing and feminine washing; for tough dirt, you can count on the turbo setting. It can remove dirt and provide a strong jet of water to remove microbes that ordinary bidets and handwashing will do. And when you are done, you can count on the dryer function to keep everything dry and ready to go. It will also take seconds to dry so you’ll still conserve power every time you use the toilet plus you can save on toilet paper too.

Oscillating bidet

Aside from specific washing positions, the nozzle is specially made to provide the best cleaning motions. It can oscillate to the front, back and more. It is a self-cleaning nozzle so you won't have to worry about contamination and dirt remaining on the nozzle surface.

Different water pressure & temperature

You can adjust the water pressure up to five levels; this ensures that all remaining dirt is removed before you stand up. When it comes to water temperature, you get 3 settings plus 5 nozzle positions available. Using cold water to wash up will never be a problem when you have the Smart Bidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat.

Toilet seat sensor

A skin sensor is installed on the seat as well. This is activated only when you sit on the bidet. The seat and lid also close softly plus this is very easy to install. You don't even have to hire a contractor to help you with the installation.

Remote drawbacks

The only drawback of using this bidet is that it does not have manual controls. If you break your remote then you won’t be able to use this toilet seat/bidet anymore. You may need to wait for a replacement remote or at least the remote to get fixed before you can use this bidet again.

The remote also has very small labels and small buttons. Seniors and children may find this hard to operate. But most believe that despite being complicated, this toilet seat/bidet will be a breeze to operate once you are familiar with the controls.

Editor's Rating


Things We Liked

  • Fully adjustable
  • Heated water & seat
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use

Things We Didn't Like

  • No manual controls

PENSON & CO. CB70 Advanced Smart Bidet is a toilet seat and bidet especially recommended for pregnant women. It has impressive features that will help you clean effectively and thoroughly. It also has a few drawbacks that you must consider before you purchase as well.

Impressive design and controls

PENSON & CO. CB70 has an elongated seat design and is available in a variety of colors. It comes with a stainless steel nozzle that will give you warm water to clean your back and front.

The controls along the side of the seat let you switch from one function to another. Just sit back and press the button to switch from any position or to use the massage function. The nozzle has an anti-microbial feature that cleans and disinfects automatically. It will prevent the spread of bacteria and disease that you might get from using common bidets.

Adjustable water pressure & temperature

It comes with adjustable water pressure in three levels. The higher water pressure lets you clean your back or front thoroughly and remove any remaining dirt.  It also comes with adjustable water and air temperature for warm water, for warming the toilet seat and for the bidet dryer. This comes in three different temperature levels.

Pregnant women and users with hemorrhoids can benefit from these varying temperature features.

Cleans and deodorizes the air

This PENSON & Co. electronic bidet also comes with air cleaning and deodorizing functions which can purify the air and remove foul odors. It’s a blessing to have around especially if this is installed on a common bathroom in your home.

It has a water filter feature that will remove more than 90% of microorganisms that can cause disease.

More safety features

The PENSON & Co. electronic bidet comes with safety features which you’ll find very useful. It has an auto power saving mode that will save energy as your bidet temperature gradually reduces when not in use. It will only warm your seat, provide warm water to wash and hot air to dry when you need it.

If you ritually wake up in the evening then this could be the right bidet/toilet seat for you. It comes with a night light function so you can see and aim at the toilet without a miss. It is also a good safety feature for children and pregnant women who need to visit the bathroom at night.

Worries about electric leakage?

This bidet/toilet seat will automatically disconnect when it senses an electric leakage. The toilet seat is designed with an electric leakage protection plug that disconnects when there is suspected leakage in the system. It makes the bidet/toilet seat safe for you and your family.

Possible drawbacks

Still, one possible disadvantage in this electronic bidet is its controls. It is too small for someone with poor eyesight to easily see. You need to take time to master the controls too but once you are able to, you will control this bidet effortlessly. And of course, if the electronic controls malfunction, you might not be able to use this bidet at all.

Editor's Rating


Things We Liked

  • Antibacterial nozzle
  • Adjustable temperature and pressure
  • Deodorizes the air
  • Leakage safety

Things We Didn't Like

  • Hard to see controls

The LivingStar 7700 Premium Bidet offers more efficient and convenient features that you will surely find handy to use every day. This comes with multi-level settings and is available for elongated and round toilets. 

Instant heating & a variety of settings

This toilet seat and bidet warms up easily and saves energy as it heats your seat. It lets you choose the ideal setting that’s perfect for your needs: you can choose from 12 temperature settings, 9 warm air temperature settings, 7 heat settings for your seat, 8 different water pressure settings and 5 different nozzle settings.

A remote control that comes with this bidet/seat lets you control these settings effortlessly.

Clean and disinfected nozzle

The nozzle is coated with an anti-bacterial material so you won’t have to worry about spreading diseases. The nozzle may be positioned for feminine wash and posterior wash. A special seat heat sensor automatically warms your seat as you open the lid and sit down.

Warm water cleaning modes

Warm water is perfect for cleaning the posterior and the front this is why this bidet uses warm water in its cleansing modes. The massage mode sprays water up and down in a repeated motion while the turbo mode cleans with a thicker and stronger warm water flow which can effectively clean even the hardest to remove dirt.

Another popular warm water function is the Switz Wash; this is a 5-minute continuous wash movement that sprays water to the feminine and posterior.

Other amazing features

Other convenient features are also found in the LivingStar 7700. It comes with a night light so you can see even when the room lights are dim, UV lamp sterilization for a clean bowl and anti-freezing features. You may even play etiquette music if you want to privately use the toilet.  

Editor's Rating


Things We Liked

  • Eco & user-friendly
  • Varying temperature and pressure
  • Sanitary nozzle
  • Safe & secure features

Things We Didn't Like

  • Hard to control for some

Get versatile bidet for the whole family: the Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat. This is a bidet that comes with a dual nozzle that can clean the posterior and at the front to provide feminine wash. It is also a kid-friendly bidet that will help improve hygiene. 


With the Bio Bidet Seat-Smart, you’ll be able to adjust the seat according to your preference. You can adjust seat temperature and water temperature to provide you with ultimate comfort. The seat closes slowly so you can quietly use the toilet even in the wee hours of the morning.

Save energy

The Energy Save Mode lets you save water plus save on toilet paper use because you can use warm heat to dry up. The pulsating massage technology also helps remove stubborn dirt and to make sure that you’re completely clean.

Generous warranty  

You are covered by a 2-year limited warranty for parts and labor. This gives you more value for your money.

Editor's Rating


Things We Liked

  • Dual nozzle bidet
  • With posterior and feminine wash
  • Saves water and energy
  • Warms seat and heats water
  • With pulsating massage
  • Removes stubborn dirt
  • Easy installation

Things We Didn't Like

  • Hard to see controls

Another high-tech contender for the best bidet is the Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat. It is one of a few electronic toilet seats with programmable user settings. It has a convenient one-touch auto mode for efficient and hygienic toile experience. 

Impressive features

The Brondell Swash is packed with impressive features. You’ll get a cool blue nightlight that will help you during the evenings. It also has warm water heating systems, deodorizer, aerated wash and more.

Very easy to install

No need to upgrade your existing toilet because the Brondell Swash fits well with all toilet models. Just remove your old toilet seat and replace it with this new, updated model.

The best clean

You’ll get the highest quality of clean with its dual stainless steel nozzles with a built-in sterilization feature. Your toilet and bidet will be germ-free all the time.

Editor's Rating


Things We Liked

  • Helpful features
  • Easy installation
  • Top-quality clean
  • Customizable settings

Things We Didn't Like

  • Small seat